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IPv4 address leasing

We lease IPv4 address space according to the RIPE policies from our own PA ranges to our customers.

This service is offered under the Agreement and includes the corresponding registration of the IP address space usage in the RIPE database for the whole period of service. Our lease costs include registration and maintenance of all the related RIPE database objects, as well as IP address space management consulting.

IPv4 address lease plans

Prices per month with an annual contract

/24 range (256 addresses)

US$ 189.00

/23 range (512 addresses)

US$ 379.00

/22 range (1024 addresses)

US$ 759.00

/21 range (2048 addresses)

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/20 range (4096 addresses)

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/19+ range (8192+ addresses)

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complete control over your address space and objects

LIR consultancy

By opening your own Local Internet Registry (LIR) account, you gain access to a range of digital assets, including a block of 256 IPv4 addresses (IPv4 /24 range) and an IPv6 /29 range, along with the ability to register your independent Autonomous System (AS). If you have assigned any Provider Independent (PI) address space, you have the option to transfer it to your LIR account, which can result in savings on annual fees. Additionally, owning an LIR account provides the flexibility to independently purchase Provider Aggregatable (PA) address space from the secondary market.

Setting up your LIR account comes at a straightforward cost. With a one-time LIR signup fee of 1,000 EUR and an annual membership fee of 1,550 EUR, you can budget with certainty for years to come.

Navigate the complexities of LIR registration with our bespoke consulting services. For a one-time fee of US$ 999, our experts will provide:

— Thorough preparation of all necessary documents and papers
— Professional submission of your LIR application to RIPE NCC
— Complete assistance with the payment of RIPE NCC membership fees
— A guarantee of IPv4 /24 and IPv6 /29 allocations
— Specialized consulting on utilizing LIR Portal and RIPE database efficiently

Buy IP addresses

In September 2012 the RIPE NCC reached its last /8 of available IPv4 addresses. This activated a new phase in the IPv4 policies.

Currently there are two ways to acquire IPv4 addresses.

Become a LIR

The quickest and easiest way to acquire an IPv4 /24 range of 256 IPv4 addresses for long-term use is becoming a LIR with the RIPE NCC. LIR status will also let you to buy PA ranges in the future and have a complete control over all your objects.

We offer consulting services in opening a turnkey LIR account for your organisation.

IP address space purchase

Unused IPv4 range can be purchased according to the official RIPE NCC Transfer procedure.

We always have a sufficient IPv4 address ranges to broker. Just provide us with your requirements and we will assist you in finding the best possible match from our database. As a recognized IPv4 broker we can guarantee that the terms and conditions will be carried out by all the involved parties. All the offered IPv4 ranges pass our due diligence review process.

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IPv4 acquisition process

Acquisition request

After we get your application containing required IPv4 range size, your budget and additional requirements, we find an available corresponding offer from our database or wait for one to arrive.


We negotiate a Brokerage Agreement, and after your payment is secured, we begin preparing address space transfer documents.

Ownership transfer

We prepare a formal agreement between a buyer and a seller as well as all the additional papers and send them to the RIPE NCC on your behalf.

Concluding transaction

After we get ownership transfer confirmation from the RIPE NCC, we pay out the funds from escrow to a seller.

Sell your IPv4 addresses and Brokerage services

If you wish to sell your unused IPv4 address space for a good price and conduct the transaction securely, we are here to help you. We are receiving IPv4 address space purchase requests on a daily basis and we will quickly find a buyer for your resources, perform all the required checks, prepare all the papers, and process the whole transaction.

Official broker status

We are a recoginized RIPE NCC broker.


We have many years of experience of working with the RIPE NCC and familiar with all the required procedures and policies.

Full anonymity

Your anonymity is guaranteed up to the moment of securing of buyer's payment.


We take full responsibility at every stage of the transaction.

Convenient payment

Pay out from our escrow is possible using any payment option convenient to you.

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IPv4 selling process

Selling request

Submit an application, receive our offer and agree with terms.

Ownership check

As soon as the buyer is found and the price is agreed on, we check your ownership of the IPv4 block.

Agreement and IPv4 transfer

We negotiate a Brokerage Agreement, and after the payment is

secured in escrow account, we prepare formal agreement between the buyer and the seller, and then send it to the RIPE NCC.


After the RIPE NCC has confirmed the address space transfer, we pay out funds from escrow to you using any payment option convenient to you.

PI and AS object maintenance

As a LIR member of the RIPE NCC we are able to maintain your Provider-Independent (PI) objects (IPv4 or IPv6) and Autonomous System (AS). The registration of a new IPv6 block or an ASN with RIPE takes up to 1-2 business days, object sponsorship transfer from another LIR takes just as long

More than 10% of internet traffic is transmitted using ipv6

IPv6 address Lease and Registration

As a LIR member of the RIPE NCC we can assign IPv6 PA blocks from our own address space to your company. We can assign you up to /32 IPv6 block (as per the justification). The cost of this service is US$ 299 per year.

If you require an IPv6 address space assigned to your company name we can help you to register your own PI IPv6 /48 block. This address space will be assigned in the RIPE database using your company details. The cost of registration and first year of maintenance is US$ 149, annual maintenance fee will be just as much. 

Our IPv6 offer
We will help you announce a network via BGP if needed

Other services

Network announcement and server leasing

We can help you to announce your Autonomous System or IP address spaceusing BGP. IP address parking with service emulation is also available. 

Broker services

We have an official broker status in RIPE NCC and we can act as an escrow in IP address transfer-related tranactions.

PI to PA conversion

We provide PI address to PA address conversion service. This operation will help you to save on the RIPE NCC annual fees and will enable you to sub-assign the addresses to your customers.


We provide consulting in any IP address related issues. Just send us a message.

LIR merge

We provide consulting and paperwork for all operations concerning LIR accounts merge with transfer of all objects from one LIR to another. We are also ready to take your PA address space for maintenance if you are not able to pay annual LIR fees.

Work with the RIRs

If you nees any service related to any Regional Internet Registrars (ARIN - North America; RIPE NCC - Europe, Middle East and Central Asia; APNIC - Asia and Pacific region; LACNIC - South America and Carribean region; AfriNIC - Africa), send us a message - we have an experience of working with all of them!

Our advantages


For more than 10 years of providing telecommunication services in Internet we have gathered a considerable experience of IP address related work.

Official status

We are member of the RIPE NCC as well as a recognized IPv4 address transfer broker.


In most cases, you can start using your addresses on the next day after they have been ordered.

Best price

We offer one of the most cost efficient prices on the market and we also have a discount system for our long-term customers. The provided prices are final without any hidden fees.

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